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Frito-Lay's commitment to health & wellness and sustainability has been, and continues to be, demonstrated by its extensive offerings and through the positive steps we’ve taken to change the way America snacks. Consumers want – and expect from Frito-Lay – great tasting, convenient, high-quality choices that meet a variety of snacking needs and we are committed to meeting this challenge. That is why our products start with simple ingredients; we help consumers understand the nutrition in our products with clear and transparent nutrition labeling; and all of our snack chips are cooked in oils such as corn, canola and sunflower oil.

I am particularly proud of our innovative Research and Development group within Frito-Lay. This group of professionals has helped make Frito-Lay a leader in the food industry and has provided new snacking solutions for all Americans. Frito-Lay is dedicated to continuing to meet the evolving health and wellness needs of its customers.

Mike Zbuchalski
Vice President, Research & Development, Frito-Lay, Inc.


Frito-Lay has been on the cutting edge of trends in the food industry for over 20 years:

Click here to download Frito-Lay’s Commitment to Sustainability and Health & Wellness Fact Sheet (PDF)

Click here to download Frito-Lay’s Food Label Literacy (PDF)


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